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Termites. Termites are highly social insects that live in large colonies where populations can reach more than one million.

The term wood boring beetle encompasses many species and families of beetles whose larval or adult forms eat and destroy wood In the woodworking industry, larval stages of some are sometimes referred to as woodworms. The three families of wood boring beetles are longhorn beetles, bark beetles and weevils, and metallic flat-headed borers.

These small bugs destroy the wooden furniture and any other wooden objects in your home. Many people are not aware that there are wood borers in their homes until there are some visible signs of it.

Early identification of this problem is crucial because as the time passes, these bugs can make an enormous damage to the wooden objects and items in your home. There are four stages of how a wood borer develops and those stages are: egg, larva, pupa and an adult beetle. The eggs are laid in the cracks of the wooden objects, so the only source of food is the wood.

Here are some of the signs that there are wood borers living in your wooden furniture: bore dust, damaged and weak floor (if made of wood), crumbling wood, dead beetles and adult beetles which can be spotted in the summer period. Wood borers need moist in order to survive in the wood. So the first thing you need to do is to get rid of the excess moisture by improvements of the ventilation in your home and use of a waterproof membrane for the floors.

The process of elimination of these pests requires many techniques of elimination to be applied. Certain chemicals are used in order to get rid of these little bugs. These chemicals are applied by brushing, spraying, foaming and fumigation. In some cases the solutions used may also be effective in eliminating other insects such as termites and may even act as a timber preservative. Bug control is science that is advancing always and in which the journey to grow new and more successful precaution and medicinal measures is a proceeding one. This implies those confronted with the control of ants, termites and cockroaches or required to wipe out wood borers utilizing safe and compelling treatments need to remain abreast of all such developments.

Our expert, experienced pest control team will complete a careful examination to evaluate the degree of any issue and the kind of wood borer included. They will likewise figure out whether the invasion is dynamic, check for related issues, for example, wood rot or damp and if any timbers need replacing. After the problem is diagnosed, the members of our pest control team can recommend some of the treatments they consider most effective for your problem. Our pest control team members have some specialized knowledge in this area and they can easily diagnose the problem and provide you with an effective solution. Our pest experts are periodically provided with certain training and programs about upgrading their knowledge. The most important is that they have a lot of experience in this area, so it will be easy for them to resolve the problem.