Water is the essential element for life. There is no life without water. Our inner instincts make us look for water in order to survive. Water is used for drinking, but also in the household in order to have a decent life and to do the laundry, the dishes, to take a shower, for cleaning the home and so on. Many people also use the water for cooking purposes. But in fact, even though we know how water is important, we hardly ever pay attention to cleaning the water tank where the water is stored. The tank water is used for everyday purposes such as for brushing the teeth or for showering, bathing, cleaning or mopping. This explains how important it is to have a clean tank. The tank water must be safe in order to avoid contamination with bacteria and avoid some illnesses that may be caused by those bacteria. As the time passes sediments scale and algae get deposited on the walls, ceiling and the floor of the water tank. This deposition contaminates the water and makes it unfit for use. The bacteria and algae grow and spread in the tank water and contaminate the water we use every day for different purposes. It means that if we use the contaminated water we may get sick eventually because of using it. The ignorance of the need of cleaning the water tank may be a health threat for the whole family. Some people decide to do the traditional cleaning of the water tank, but one cannot be sure if the tank was cleaned well. Hiring some professionals for this job is the solution for having some safe water from the water tank. In this modern era, many things have changed and also the techniques of cleaning the water tanks have changed and have become more modern, sophisticated and effective. There are 5 stages in the water tank cleaning process that make the process effective.

In the first stage the manhole and the surroundings are cleaned of dirt, mud, algae and the water below the foot valve level is pumped out using modern equipment.  In the second stage the ceilings, the walls and the floor of the tank are cleaned using a special high pressure cleaner which cleans the whole surface of the tank. It means getting rid of algae and other things that help bacteria grow. In the third stage the sludge found on the floor of the tank is sucked out using special equipment.  In the fourth stage viagra the sludge removal process finishes. In this stage the operators remove the remaining contaminants in order to make sure that the tank is cleaned. And the final stage is the UV radiation stage. In this stage a UV radiator is used in order to sterilize and provide a total disinfection of the water tank.


It is better to prevent it than to try to find a solution later. It means that cleaning the water tank is essential because we use the water every day.

  • First of all we put summer pump in tank with the help of rope
  • Put the summer pump pipe into a main hole or drain line
  • Switch the summer pump in the electric board
  • catch the pipe and switch on until the tank is empty
  • As long as the tank is empty, we will clear the tank`s cap and is mouth
  • When the tank is empty, we will start cleaning the entire tank in the inside
  • Remove all the mud and soil from the inside of the tank
  • Wash the tank wails
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The purpose of cleaning a tank is not to extract mud but also we clean the tank because we can avoid many diseases by eliminating various types of germs.


  • It is our responsibility to give you a good work
  • It is our responsibility to satisfy you from our work
  • If any other problem in your tank. Then we consider our responsibility to tell you about this problem


  • It is your duty to provide electric switches as well as tell us where we drain the water
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